Radical Networkers BNI Induction

Second Term Induction to Radical Networkers BNI

Ben Voit, owner of Wayne Martin and Son – Signature Air Conditioning service is sworn in for his 2nd year term of membership in the Radical Networkers BNI Chapter of Fort Myers! Wayne Martin and Son joined the local Fort Myers BNI Chapter because he saw the value that the BNI system has to offer small to mid-sized business owners. Ben has been an active member as a “Mentor Coordinator” helping new members of the Chapter become grounded and get the most out of their membership. Wayne Martin and Son Signature Air Conditioning has become a trusted BNI Member and represents the AC Repair Service category very well.

Ben’s wife Angie is also a member of the Radical Networkers Chapter and holds the business classification for Home & Business Insurance Agent/Broker and is located downtown Fort Myers. Angie has also held various positions in the Chapter such as President and currently Vice President.

Congrats to Wayne Martin and Son! They have proven to be a trusted A/C Service provider you can depend on.