Poor Air Quality - UV Light Air Purification

Benefits of UV Air Purification

What Is The Importance of UV Light Air Purification Products?

With over 90% of people’s time spent indoors and little or no ventilation, concentrations of microorganisms, mold and dust will increase causing a poor air quality that is being breathed in continuously. With a larger number of death cases being caused by various bacteria and molds, controlling the growth and spread of pathogens is a major concern in indoor environments. According to indoor air quality experts, controlling airborne microorganisms is the next major challenge of the Air Conditioning Industry. The use of UV Light Air Purification can help control this problem, keeping your indoor air quality at it’s best resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Why Use a UV Light Air Purifier In Your Home or Business?

The two primary benefits to using UV light air purification are disinfecting air and preventing growth of mold. The UV light radiates a surface to keep mold from growing in that area and disinfects the air stream as it passes through the A/C unit. In one pass over the UV bulb, a high disinfection rate is not normally accomplished in the air stream. With repeated circulation of air through the system, a major disinfection rate is achieved, making use of UV light very efficient.

Does Using UV Light Help People With Allergies or Asthma Problems?

Absolutely! By reducing airborne contamination, good air quality can offer relief to many allergy and asthma sufferers. The device is not solely for people with respiratory disorders. Your whole household or business can benefit from breathing good quality air.

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