Our Maintenance Contract Keeps Your A/C Unit Efficient

Our Maintenance Contract Keeps Your A/C Unit Efficient

As we move toward the hot summer months, you need to make sure you have a maintenance contract with us! At Wayne Martin and Son, we offer annual A/C maintenance contracts to keep your air conditioning unit running as efficiently as possible. The contract includes regular maintenance (cleaning the drain lines, filters and coils) twice a year. These contracts are $150 per year, saving you 17% each year on the regular maintenance alone, this includes a 10% discount on ANY repairs needed.

Three main reasons you need to purchase a maintenance contract


  • Preventative Maintenance Saves You In The Long Run


Many people don’t really bother to do regular maintenance on their HVAC units. Because down here in Southwest Florida, we run our air conditioners pretty much 24/7 365 days a year, they become something in the background that people ignore until they break. But at that point the repairs can become very pricey. A twice-a-year tuneup for your HVAC system can prevent that. This maintenance will improve your energy efficiency, as the technician will change dirty filters, and look closely at your unit to ferret out other problems that are impacting your efficiency, helping your system to work more affordably overall. Hiring our qualified technicians to inspect your system two times per year means you can identify issues while they are still small and easy to fix, rather than waiting until they damage your system or become expensive repair bills. Plus, this allows you to schedule the maintenance work when demand is low, so we can efficiently handle any problems that may arise at that time and possibly avoid you being uncomfortable during the hottest time of the year. We will fix the malfunctions that can cause costly breakdowns during peak use, giving you the peace of mind knowing your air conditioner is operating safely and efficiently all summer long.



  • You will get priority service if your AC does break down.


Loyalty pays off, as one of our maintenance contract owners, you’ll enjoy not just the convenience of regularly scheduled maintenance visits, but also discounts, and priority service. And believe me, when it’s hot, and your AC is not keeping you cool, you will value the priority service we give you. Once you live through one summer here in SW Florida, you will understand the benefits of having your AC running smoothly all summer long. You want to be sure that if anything happens to your HVAC system, someone is going to be there as quickly as possible to fix it and get you back into a cool home or office space. We give priority to our loyal maintenance plan clients when they call for repairs. After all, your loyalty to us deserves this higher level of customer service.



  • Maintenance is insurance against the costs of sizable repairs


As a maintenance plan customer with Wayne Martin & Son, you get a 10% discount on ANY repairs needed. Talk about peace of mind, after all, you are already paying higher electric bills in the summer, so the last thing you need, if your system breaks down, is to pay ultra-high prices for an emergency call or repairs.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says that if you don’t want your air conditioning system to steadily decline, you should have it maintained properly and on a regular basis. Buy yourself some peace of mind today by purchasing a yearly maintenance contract with Wayne Martin & Son. Give us a call at 239-462-4068.