Troubleshooting Your AC Before You Call

Troubleshooting Your AC Before You Call

Welcome to winter in Southwest Florida, where we had maybe two weeks of cooler weather before being back up to 80 degrees. Because of the typically hot and humid climate in the Sunshine State, your air conditioner has to remain in tip-top shape all year long, practically 365 days every year. If you don’t maintain your air conditioner or HVAC properly, then a sweaty, uncomfortable future could lie ahead for you. At Wayne Martin and Son Signature Air Conditioning, we don’t want you wasting your money or panicking over a sudden breakdown in your AC unit. That being said, you need to understand that dangerous heat influxes can wreak havoc on the electronics in your home, as well as your health. As always, prevention is the best defense for your AC system and continued comfort throughout the long, hot Florida summer. That’s why Southwest Florida’s professional air conditioning repair team at Wayne Martin & Son Signature Air Conditioning has developed a list of the best ways you can troubleshoot A/C related issues when the heat starts to set in this year.


Common Air Conditioning Woes


At Wayne Martin & Son Signature Air Conditioning, our professional technicians have all of the experience and knowledge to help identify the difference between a minor issue that can be fixed with relative ease, and a serious problem that could lead to total failure of the unit. We will be there quickly when you call us, but here are a few things you can check on your own before you call. When it comes to troubleshooting your air conditioner you first have to decide what the issue at hand is. The most common problems that homeowners and renters experience in Florida include:


  • The air that is blowing won’t get cool
  • When your airflow reduces dramatically or stops altogether
  • Short cycling, meaning it cuts on and off too much
  • Your air conditioner is continuously running
  • Your unit or lines are frozen


Home Troubleshooting Tips for Your AC


If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned issues with your air conditioner then here are some quick ways to get the unit in motion and working properly.


  • Check the unit outside (including visible connecting lines), and any interior units you have access to if at all possible. Make sure the unit and lines are not frozen over.
  • Replace your air filter. This is a good first step for any issue affecting your air conditioner. Clogged, full, damaged, or old air filters can drain the performance of your unit or lead to improper airflow, which can cause several problems of its own.
  • Ensure your thermostat is set on cool, and auto. Leaving it continuously on “ON” could be overworking the unit.
  • Check your fuse box for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.


Specific Remedies for Your A/C Issues


Frozen? The typical cause is poor airflow, which can stem from a dirty air filter, dirty coils, a broken fan, obstructed vents, or having low refrigerant. If you’ve followed our troubleshooting guide and you can’t get your unit to stop freezing over, then it is time to contact the professionals at Wayne Martin and Son.


No cold air? Following the above guide hopefully will start to cool the temperature of the air, usually within a matter of an hour or two. If the air temperature issue wasn’t related to a blockage or obstruction of airflow, then the likely culprit is a refrigerant leak. The leak will need to be stopped and you’ll need your coolant recharged. This should only be fixed by an HVAC professional.


No airflow at all? Your thermostat is operating and you’ve checked your fuse box. If the air still isn’t blowing, then call the pros at Wayne Martin and Son Signature AC to come out and make our own evaluation. An air conditioning unit that won’t blow air can be caused by a dead motor, a loose fan belt, a damaged thermostat, or a wheel getting jammed. It’s not wise to try and diagnose or fix a serious issue like this without the proper experience and training.


Short cycling or constantly running? Both of these issues are harder to fix through troubleshooting at home because either could be caused by a refrigerant issue, a lack of charge, or a clogged line. These issues also might mean you don’t have the right size air conditioner for the space that you’re trying to keep cool. Your best solution is to contact our team at Wayne Martin & Son Signature to have the issue diagnosed right away.


Sometimes, there are problems you can’t troubleshoot. Insects can cause an obstruction that is preventing proper air conditioning performance, especially in the hot, humid, pest-friendly climate of southwest Florida. If you’re uncomfortable finding the condensate line and clearing it with a wetvac, a quick call to Wayne Martin and Son can handle the job for you. Clearing away any insects or mold blockage will also help you to have better air quality in your home.


Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance in Southwest Florida


Looking for more troubleshooting tips? Maybe you just want to make sure you are following our guide for at-home care, or you have an issue that’s too big to handle on your own. Whatever your need, contact the office of Wayne Martin and Son Signature Air Conditioning by

(239) 462-4068. If we can’t help tackle the problem the phone, we will gladly schedule an appointment to come look at your air conditioner.


At Wayne Martin & Son, we are proud residents of the Fort Myers area and love serving our local community. As HVAC professionals, we also understand how quickly an air conditioner can become completely non-functional. That’s why we recommend you consider joining up for our yearly maintenance plan, which gives you the peace of mind that any problem that develops will be handled quickly and effectively by highly-trained experts. To learn more call (239) 462-4068 or you can contact us here on our website.

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