Using Your Heater for the First Time of the Season

We woke up this morning and had to wear a sweater for the first time this season! In the past few days it has finally gotten cold enough here in Southwest Florida to force most of us to turn on our heater for the first time in many months. And if you turned it on recently, you may have noticed some interesting things going on, which may have caused alarm. Now is the time to check to see if your system is working properly, because for the next three months, you may want it on in the mornings or evenings. We’ll tell you the easy things to look for using just your senses:


  1. What’s that smell? Chances are good that the build up of dust in your system will smell like something is burning. In fact, we recommend that you open your windows for the first few minutes after turning on your heater for the first time, just to let that burning dust smell get out of the house. But that smell should subside in a few minutes and if it doesn’t’—that’s a problem. It’s a sign you should call us because the system needs a tune-up.
  2. What’s that weird vibration? Is there excessive vibration in the walls or ducts? Unfortunately, that’s a sign of trouble. There may be something clogging your ducts or perhaps there’s a split in the area where the ducts are fastened together. Give us a call to do a maintenance check if this is going on.
  3. Do you feel a little funny after it’s been on for a while? If you feel tired or have consistent headaches after turning on your heat for the first time, then contact a professional to check the monoxide levels, or check your carbon monoxide detector readings. If your carbon monoxide detector readings are above 30, turn the system off immediately and call us for service.
  4. You turned on the heat, but when you check the vents, the air coming out of them is not even warm. This can be caused by any number of issues, but one thing’s for sure, you should have a professional look at it to see what’s going on.


By having a maintenance contract with us, you can ensure that your air conditioner and heating systems are running at top efficiency all year round! That’s because proper maintenance helps ensure that your heating system starts up without any problems, and works efficiently when you need it throughout the winter here in SWFL. Give us a call at Wayne Martin and Son 239-462-4068. #airconditioning #SWFLHVAC