Mold and Mildew

We Have Your Allergy Relief Solution!

Ah, it’s Fall here in Southwest Florida, the time when residents and snowbirds alike can start looking forward to slightly cooler and drier weather. Unfortunately, if you are one of the 40 million people in the U.S. who suffer from fall allergies, this time of year can be really hard to suffer through. 

One of the problems of being a resident in Florida is the fact that our flowers and trees bloom longer and continue to produce pollen. Different allergen-producing trees peak earlier and at different times throughout the year. And that means your allergies persist over an extended period of time and can also be stronger. Our longer growing season extends well into December here. 

Most allergies suffered here in SWFL are caused by either mold or weed pollen such as ragweed. Unfortunately, ragweed is rampant in Florida and is all over the state. A single plant can produce over a billion grains of pollen in a season, and wind-blown ragweed allergens can travel over a hundred miles. Our constantly humid environment here also causes mold to thrive. Mold spores spread easily, like pollen allergens and unfortunately, they spread easily indoors and can go dormant until the hotter temperatures in the spring revive it. 

Just what exactly is an allergic reaction? It’s the body’s response to a substance, like mold or pollen, by creating antibodies that erroneously identify the protein in the allergen as an invasive enemy, and producing a defensive reaction to it. That reaction can be mild, such as giving you the sniffles and perhaps watery eyes, or it can be severe, clogging your sinuses, making you sneeze uncontrollably, and causing inflammatory asthma symptoms such as coughing or wheezing. Asthma attacks can be life-threatening in some cases. 

One of the recommendations of allergists is for you to get an air purifier for your home or office. Fortunately, we have a great whole-house air purification solution for your allergy problems. Our product works with your HVAC system to provide your entire house with cleaner, allergen-free air. And that’s great news, because according to the statistics provided by the EPA, indoor air quality is quite often five times more polluted than the air outside. Indoor air often contains mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, toxic chemical vapors and odors. Because all of these allergens pass through your central air conditioning system, a whole house air purifier can be a fantastic overall solution. At Wayne Martin and Son, we carry the Fresh-Aire UV air purification system. 

The Fresh-Aire UV air purifier has activated carbon air purifiers and UV light technology that gets installed directly inside your central air system. As the air cycles repeatedly through the system, it eliminates odors, allergens and microbes such as viruses. The UV-C band ultraviolet light disrupts the DNA of micro-organisms, which prevents them from reproducing, thereby effectively killing them and keeping them from multiplying in your system, and getting blown into the air in your house. So the system sterilizes biological contaminants such as mold, germs and viruses, inside your AC system and throughout your home. 

Simply put, our air purification system provides you and your family with a clean healthy breathing environment. Our installation process is easy, and you will notice the difference immediately. All of our work is guaranteed and backed by warranty. You will have a one-year warranty on all labor and a ten-year warranty on parts for brand new air conditioners.

So if you or one of your family members is suffering from allergies here in SWFL, give us a call at Wayne Martin and Son 239-462-4068. #airconditioning #SWFLHVAC