Get Your AC Unit Ready for “Snowbird” Season

Get Your AC Unit Ready for “Snowbird” Season

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans travel south to Florida for the winter. These seasonal residents are called snowbirds and their influx increases the population of the Sunshine State by about 5%. Are you a snowbird? If so, you will have plenty of things to do when you arrive in the sunshine and warmth of Florida to spend the season. At Wayne Martin & Son Signature Air Conditioning, we want to make sure that your air conditioner is on your checklist. To that end, we’ve compiled this guide of five things you need to do to get your air conditioner ready for your seasonal stay in Southwest Florida.


Step 1: Install a new air filter.

Even if you have someone checking on your property during the spring and summer, changing the air filter should be the top priority to make sure your air conditioner keeps running throughout the season. Continuing to use a dirty filter hinders the effectiveness of your AC unit. It’s less efficient, has more trouble cooling your home, and raises your energy bill. Plus, dirt and debris build up in your filter, and those particulates then go through your AC system and spread throughout your home, aggravating allergies.


Step 2: Check the batteries.

Sometimes problems can be solved through the easiest steps. If your TV or computer starts having a problem, turning it off and turning it back on could solve the issue. Similar easy fixes apply to your AC unit. That’s why, when you arrive at your Southwest Florida home, we advise putting new batteries in the thermostat.


Step 3: Landscaping

You want to make sure the outside unit is not being blocked by any debris: dirt, branches, leaves, etc. Anything that hinders the ability of the condenser unit’s metallic blades running will disrupt or completely block the flow of air. You also want to make sure nothing is obstructing the outside drain line. As a general rule of thumb, keep any shrubs and plant life a minimum of 2-3 feet away from the outside condenser unit.


Step 4: Regular maintenance

Even an experienced do-it-yourselfer probably lacks the expertise to service an air conditioner if a problem develops. That’s why you should have your AC unit maintained by a professional, experienced technician like the ones on staff at Wayne Martin & Son Signature Air Conditioning. For your AC unit in Southwest Florida, we can eliminate any of the hassle and worry for you through one of our yearly maintenance contracts.


AC Maintenance and Repair in Southwest Florida

According to the Department of Energy, the average lifespan of a central air conditioner lasts 15 to 20 years. For Florida residents, where it’s likely to run your AC year-round or most of the year, the typical lifespan could be half of that. You worked hard for the luxury of being able to spend the winter in sunny southwest Florida. Don’t deal with the hassle and expense of a costly AC repair disrupt your favorite time of the year. To sign up for one of our yearly maintenance contracts, just call Wayne Martin & Son Signature Air Conditioning at (239) 462-4068.

by A/C Expert News