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A/C size matters image

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It’s been way more than 10-years, and you’ve started to notice that your ac is not really doing the job anymore. You’ve kept it diligently maintained, but it’s still past it’s warranty stage and you’ve noticed a little uptick in your electricity bill lately. So you know, it’s probably time to think about replacing it …

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It’s May, the beginning of summer here in Southwest Florida, which is the beginning of stormy season. Our wonderful daily afternoon thunderstorms that keep our gardens so green, are also a source of frequent power outages. It usually only goes out for a little while and then comes back on, but sometimes when that happens, …

Our Maintenance Contract Keeps Your A/C Unit Efficient

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As we move toward the hot summer months, you need to make sure you have a maintenance contract with us! At Wayne Martin and Son, we offer annual A/C maintenance contracts to keep your air conditioning unit running as efficiently as possible. The contract includes regular maintenance (cleaning the drain lines, filters and coils) twice …

3 Types of Air Conditioning Units

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Here in Southwest Florida, this is such a wonderful time of the year! No wonder the snowbirds flock to us during these wonderful winter months, when the sun is shining but humidity is down and you can even have the windows open to let in a breeze. Soon though, you’ll be using your air conditioner …

Poor Air Quality - UV Light Air Purification

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What Is The Importance of UV Light Air Purification Products? With over 90% of people’s time spent indoors and little or no ventilation, concentrations of microorganisms, mold and dust will increase causing a poor air quality that is being breathed in continuously. With a larger number of death cases being caused by various bacteria and …